About GrrlSpot

The New Era of the Lesbian Bar

GrrlSpot is a monthly pop-up queer & lesbian bar in New Orleans. On the 3rd Saturday of each month, we choose a different venue, show up in droves, and make it our own.

As the traditional lesbian bar dies, the need for queer spaces is very much alive. In a city once home to 10 lesbian bars, New Orleans is now devoid of a dedicated space for us. GrrlSpot fills that void. We are the new era of the lesbian bar. As one of the first pop-up queer bars in the country, our notorious monthly party is the place to be for lesbians, queers, and people of all orientations and gender identities…and our allies, of course.

Since our humble beginnings over 11 years ago, in the early aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we have become a fixture in New Orleans. Our annual Southern Decadence/Dykeadence party, Fleurt, has gained national recognition and has grown into one of the largest lesbian events in the South.

Every GrrlSpot is as diverse as each place we visit. Because every month draws a different crowd, there are always new people to meet. One month, you may be meeting new friends in a cozy neighborhood spot, and the next month you find yourself in New Orleans’ classiest event venue, watching an aerialist fly overhead, enjoying a sexy burlesque show, and dancing to the top DJ’s in the US.

GrrlSpot is the place to meet people, be out, and create a space for our Community – a space otherwise nonexistent. Many of us have met the love of our life, our best friends, and new people from around the world.

Don’t miss us next month! You never know where we’ll pop up next, who you’ll meet, see, hear, or feel. Check out our upcoming events here!